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We know that the duties imposed on ESOP Trustees are high, with their fiduciary obligations having been described as among the highest known to the law. ESOP Trustees are subject and legally bound to fiduciary standards outlined in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (“ERISA”). At Applied Economics, we fully understand the responsibilities undertaken by ESOP Trustees. We design every ESOP to meet the specific needs of the business owner, the company and its employees. We represent ESOP Trustees and aid them in evaluating, analyzing and negotiating the ESOP purchase. We have history with a broad group of ESOP Trustees who place their confidence and trust in us. Our credentialed and experienced staff provides ESOP Trustees with professional advice for a variety of purposes including ESOP formation, ESOP Feasibility Studies, Annual ESOP Update Valuations, Fairness Opinions, Litigation Support & DOL Challenges and M&A Advisory.

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